Academic Dates

Session I

4 week: May 28 - June 21
6 week: May 28 - July 3
8 week: May 28 - July 19
12 weeks: May 28 - August 16

Session II

4 week: July 8 - August 2
6 week: July 8 - August 16

Session I Session II
4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks
Summer session schedule of classes goes live online January 28 January 28
Summer registration begins March 4 March 4
Last day for visiting students to apply for summer session admission May 22 July 4
First day of summer session May 28 July 8
First day of Schedule Adjustment Period
Last day students automatically enrolled in classes from waitlists

Last day of Schedule Adjustment Period:

May 31 July 11
Last day to add courses*
Last day to drop a course without a grade of “W” on transcript
Last day to change grading method from or to audit
Last day to change from pass/fail to regular grading method
Last day to drop a course with a grade of “W” on transcript** June 14 June 25 July 5 July 26 July 25 August 5
Last day to change from regular grading  method to pass/fail**
Last day for full semester withdrawal from session** June 18 June 30 July 16 August 13 July 30 August 13
Last day of the session June 21 July 3 July 19 August 16 August 2 August 16
Final grades due to the Registrar June 25 July 11 July 23 August 20 August 6 August 20
Final grades posted on myUMBC June 27 July 12 July 25 August 22 August 8 August 22


*The last day to add an undergraduate internship, independent study or research is July 11.

**After May 31 (Session I) and July 11 (Session II) you can no longer use myUMBC to make changes to your schedule.¬† Submit a Help Ticket to the Registrar’s Office to request any schedule changes.

Holiday Schedule
There are three holidays when the campus is closed during summer session:

Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day)
Thursday/Friday, July 4-5 (Independence Day)

Classes regularly meeting on Mondays, Thursdays, and/or Fridays during Summer Session I may need to schedule make-up dates if they do not otherwise meet the minimum contact hours. Make-up class dates are determined by the instructor.

Campus Closure Policy
If classes are cancelled due to a university closing, the official make-up day is the first Saturday following the cancelled class. Instructors may also choose to reschedule classes on an alternative make-up day.

Emergency Text Alerts
Sign-up for e2Campus to receive text notifications of any campus related emergency, including safety hazards and campus closing closures.