Before classes begin

Row of cars parked side-by-side.
Virtual parking permits

UMBC Parking Services uses License Plate Recognition to identify your vehicle by its license plate, removing the need for physical hangtags and allowing all permit holders to easily add and maintain multiple vehicles on their accounts.

Summer parking permits will be available to Visiting Students beginning the first Monday in May.You must wait 24 hours after you register for your courses before you can order your virtual permit.

It is important that your license plate information is entered correctly (include all letters and numbers on the plate) or you may be subject to a citation.

For additional information, please visit the UMBC Parking Services website or email

Student ID

Obtain a campus card (student ID) at the Campus Card Center located on the 1st floor of the University Center. The UMBC Campus Card is an integral part of campus life. It establishes your identity at UMBC, provides access to various services such as the Library and RAC, and is used as a swipe card to open doors in some campus buildings. You can also deposit funds, buy services and merchandise on campus and at participating stores in the surrounding area communities.

Emergency campus text alerts

Sign up for UMBC’s emergency alert text-messaging service (E2Campus) to receive notifications of any campus related emergency such as potential safety hazards or campus closures.