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Students are responsible for creating and managing their schedules through myUMBC. Students can use myUMBC to add, drop, withdraw, swap, and join waitlists for classes.

Register today for summer session 2018!

How to register for summer session courses
  • Login to myUMBC.
  • Click on Topics.
  • Click on Classes and Grades.
  • Click on the link labeled Student Schedule & Registration.
  • Click Add on the Enroll tab.
  • If you know the 4 digit class number for your desired course, type it on the Enter Class Nbr field and click enter.
  • Click the Select Class button.
  • Select the Class Preferences that apply.
    • Click the Next button.
    • Click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button. The Shopping Cart allows you to organize and review your selected classes; it does not hold a spot for you in those classes until you complete the registration process.
    • Confirm your selection then click the Finish Enrolling button.
    • Review your completed transaction. A green check mark indicates that the class has been successfully added. A red X and an error message will appear if the class could not be added.

Some courses include two or more formats such as lecture and discussion, or lecture and lab. STEM courses often have multiple course components. If you are registering for a multiple component course, you must enroll in all components of that course. Course components are listed under Class Details in the online schedule of classes.