Register for Summer Session

Students are responsible for creating and managing their schedules through myUMBC. Students can use myUMBC to add, drop, and swap courses up through the Schedule Adjustment Period.

Register for summer session courses on the following dates:
March 1 – May 28 (Session I)
March 1 – July 8 (Session II)

Note:  The last day to add an undergraduate internship, independent study, or research is July 11.  To register for one of these options, contact the Registrar – be sure to include the course name, section, class number, and number of credits needed.

For more detailed registration information, visit the Registrar’s website.

Quick reference videos

How to add a class:

How to Drop a Class:

Multiple component courses

Some courses include two or more formats such as lecture and discussion, or lecture and lab. STEM courses often have multiple course components. If you register for a multiple component course, all components are required. Course components are listed under Class Details in the online schedule of classes.