Two students in front of a computer screen in a sunny, modern room.Students are responsible for creating and managing their schedules through myUMBC. Students can use myUMBC to add, drop, and swap courses up through the Schedule Adjustment Period.

Register for summer session courses:
March 1 – June 1(Session I)
March 1 – July 12 (Session II)

For more detailed registration information, visit the Registrar’s website.

Quick reference videos:

How to Add a Class

How to Drop a Class

Quick reference guides:

Add a class 

Drop a class

Swap a class

For additional registration information, visit the Registrar’s website.

Multiple component courses

Some courses include two or more formats such as lecture and discussion, or lecture and lab. STEM courses often have multiple course components. If you register for a multiple component course, all components are required. Course components are listed under Class Details in the online schedule of classes.


Once a class reaches its seat capacity, it will close and a waitlist will open. Since students often change their schedule, seats may reopen in a closed course during the registration period. You can add your name to waitlists for up to 10 credit hours.

How to add your name to a waitlist

It is your responsibility to check your email account regularly to see if you have been enrolled in a class for which you placed yourself on the waitlist.

Be sure to verify the last day automatic enrollment from the waitlists end. Once waitlists are disabled, you should regularly monitor enrollments to see if a seat opens in the course during the schedule adjustment period. Contact the instructor to confirm whether you can make up any missed classes before you add a class during the schedule adjustment period.

Registration assistance

Due to certain circumstances/situations, you may be blocked when you attempt to register for courses. Please refer to the below list if you are blocked from registration.

Prerequisite override request

You must successfully satisfy UMBC prerequisites to register for courses with prerequisite requirements. If you receive a registration error indicating that you do not have the appropriate prerequisites to enroll in a course, submit a prerequisite override request.

Due to increased online activity, the pre-requisite override form may take up to a minute to load. The form is not accessible with Internet Explorer. Please use another browser. For assistance, please contact

A prerequisite override does NOT guarantee enrollment in the course. Once granted permission to enroll, you must register as soon as possible to secure your seat.

Visiting students who attempt to enroll in a course with prerequisite course requirements will initially be BLOCKED from registering. UMBC’s online registration system cannot automatically verify that the prerequisites have been met at a visiting student’s home institution, even when a transcript has been submitted.

Excess credit approval

You can enroll in up to 16 credits in summer session (8 credits in session I and 8 credits in session II). Highly motivated and academically strong students may be granted permission to enroll in more than the designated course loadlimit with prior approval. More information and access to the online approval form is available at Enrollment Forms.

Permission to take a course for a third and final time

You may not register for the same course more than two times. You are considered registered for a course if you are enrolled after the end of the schedule adjustment period. You must petition the Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) for a third and final attempt of a course taken at UMBC [or] another institution. An attempt is defined as enrollment in a UMBC course (or its equivalent at another institution) in which the student has received a grade or an official withdrawal noted on the transcript.

Applied for spring graduation (current UMBC students)

Current UMBC students who have applied for spring graduation will be blocked from summer session registration.  To register for summer session courses, contact the Registrar’s Office, and request to be term activated for summer session.

Financial holds

Students who have outstanding financial obligations to UMBC will be prevented from registering until the account is fulfilled. If your enrollment is blocked, and your past due student financial account balance is less than $250, please contact Student Business Services to discuss your individual situation. More information about paying tuition, fees and other charges is available at Student Business Services.

Time conflict permission

You are not permitted to register for courses that meet at the same time or overlap in meeting patterns. The registration system will block your enrollment. If there are extenuating circumstances, you may be permitted to register for courses that share a time conflict if the overlap is minimal and BOTH instructors agree to the exception. More information and access to the online request form is available at Enrollment Forms.