Helping Each Other in the Time of Corona

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed, again, the many fault-lines of inequality in the United States. So many have lost their jobs, and promises of state support are falling short. How are communities in Baltimore to discuss mutual aid as a political project, learn about mutual aid projects in Baltimore, and talk about how and why to get involved in projects in your communities.

Moving Stories: Latinas en Baltimore

Dr. Lizarazo's collaborative project Moving Stories: Latinas en Baltimore is about visibility as much as community-engaged research. In this talk, she will discuss her motivation for using digital storytelling and how this model helps to de-center academia and its knowledge production, while being accountable to the communities with which it engages. 

Regina T. Boyce, MD State Delegate: From the Grassroots to Annapolis

The media pays a lot of attention to national politics, but much policy that affects us happens at the state and local level. Voting always matters, but it can matter the most in these smaller races—and make a big difference in our daily lives. As we have seen in recent weeks though, grassroots involvement at the local level, along with voting, is more important than ever.

Black Power in Washington, DC

G. Derek Musgrove will discuss his newest project, the Black Power in Washington, DC website. This online storytelling site invites visitors to explore histories of Black Power through text and photographs while interacting with maps that allow visitors to remain rooted in the space of the city itself.