The Future of Equitable Public Transportation in Baltimore

What does it mean to have equitable transportation design? How do we make sure our public transportation systems meet the needs of people across race, gender, class, and ability lines? Join Dr. Celeste Chavis as she shares her research and her experiences on Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott’s Transportation and Infrastructure Transition Team.

Public Art and Placemaking: Ensuring Community well-being during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the mental, social, and economic well-being of our communities. But even in times of crisis, art has the power to unite and connect us. Learn how public art can collectively reimagine and adapt public spaces to best reflect and meet peoples’ personal and public health needs.

Reimagining the Baltimore Harbor

Join Sally Scott and Joby Taylor for a shared discussion: What would you Reimagine for our Baltimore?

LGBTQ+ Oral History Project at UMBC

LGBTQ+ history is a growing field, but in many cases, researchers must build their own archives because our stories have not been preserved in traditional ways. Join Dr. Kate Drabinski and UMBC student contributors to learn about the new LGBTQ+ Oral History project she has started with students, to be archived at UMBC's Special Collections.

What is the Shape of Water?

The waters of the Chesapeake Bay teem with microscopic organisms—swimming single-celled plankton known as dinoflagellates. But how can we peer into the depths to see them?

Interdisciplinary CoLab Open House

Find out how this narrative-based research and digital story-telling program promotes interdisciplinary learning, develops valuable collaboration skills, and creates meaningful final products for the campus and greater Baltimore community.