Black Power in Washington, DC

G. Derek Musgrove will discuss his newest project, the Black Power in Washington, DC website. This online storytelling site invites visitors to explore histories of Black Power through text and photographs while interacting with maps that allow visitors to remain rooted in the space of the city itself.

The Future of Equitable Public Transportation in Baltimore

What does it mean to have equitable transportation design? How do we make sure our public transportation systems meet the needs of people across race, gender, class, and ability lines? Join Dr. Celeste Chavis as she shares her research and her experiences on Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott’s Transportation and Infrastructure Transition Team.

Tour Baltimore with Dr. Kate Youth Literary Movements in Baltimore

The voices of youth in Baltimore ring loudly and clearly, especially through their writing, poetry, media-making, and more. Join Dr. Kate Drabinski for a video tour of Baltimore's thriving youth literary movement and discover how the power of words can change our worlds.

Public Art and Placemaking: Ensuring Community well-being during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the mental, social, and economic well-being of our communities. But even in times of crisis, art has the power to unite and connect us. Learn how public art can collectively reimagine and adapt public spaces to best reflect and meet peoples’ personal and public health needs.